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G-Auto, born in 2008 as the pioneering idea in vehicle aggregation, aimed to revolutionize last-mile commuting by enhancing safety and affordability for individuals. The initiative was flagged off by the esteemed Shri Narendra Modi , who was then serving as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. This innovative concept operates on an asset-light model by bringing together individual-owned vehicles.

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The core objectives of the initiative are summarized as below:

Solve the issues of RATS for passengers:

  • R – Refusal by drivers
  • A – Accessibility of vehicles
  • T – Transparency of fare
  • S – Safety of passenger

  Empowerment of drivers through “3S” :

  • S – Suraksha (Social & Financial security)
  • S – Samridhhi (Prosperity)
  • S – Samman (Dignity)

  What do we not do?

  • We don’t surge fare…
  • We don’t take commission from G-Pilots…
  • We don’t allow G-Pilots to cancel bookings for issues like online/cash payments…

Brain Behind G-Auto

Nirmal Kumar

Mr. Nirmal Kumar, a graduate of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A), is a trailblazing entrepreneur who embarked on his entrepreneurial journey immediately after completing his management education, foregoing tempting job offers from the institute’s campus.

G-Auto, a startup born on the IIM-A campus, received its inauguration from Mr. Narendra Modi, who was the Chief Minister of Gujarat at the time. The concept swiftly garnered international attention and gained global acceptance, leading to the emergence of numerous multi-billion-dollar app-based cab, auto, and bike aggregation businesses both within and outside of India. The project has since established itself as the most reputable name in India’s app-based vehicle-hailing service industry.

Notably, the G-Auto project earned recognition by being selected as the best mobility initiative worldwide for the SMART MOBI PRIZE 2012, awarded by the University of Michigan and the Rockefeller Foundation.



Happy Customers

Happy Drivers




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gauto in newspaper

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gauto in media

gauto in newspaper

gauto in newspaper


G-Auto has their drivers wearing masks and offering ventilation. I like the No Surge price function of GAuto. I will only use GAuto from now on.

Jigar Trivedi

I been riding with GAuto for a little while now but my last ride has been the best. Sanjay bhai with a black Wagon R car in Ahmedabad was excellent. He was there a few mins earlier and he got me to my appointment earlier then time. He was polite and friendly and the environment was comfortable. Best experience in a while. Must recommend GAuto for all.

Saumil Shah

Clean vehicles and drivers. Unlike taxis, they don’t take you “for a ride” to make more money! They don't Surge the price. Well behaved and trained drivers.

Dhaval Shah

Same price for the same location on everyday and everytime. No Surge price is the best thing in GAuto App.

Paresh Shah

Great personable driver, very clean car. On time knee he knew the area well. Offers further help. The price was excellent. I have been thinking of doing it part time :) Definitely will use again for a night on this new town.

Jinal Patel

Needed a ride to Airport, set up my ride online, got my confirmation info. Driver was on time and a super easy person to converse with. He made our trip to the airport easy, comfortable and very enjoyable.

Megha Shah

Never had a dirty or unsafe car. Some drivers are more personal than others, but I have always felt safe and they have always been prompt and direct in their routes. Some of them have really nice cars too!

Jaimin Patel

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