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  • सस्ता भी! सुरक्षित भी!
    सस्ता भी !
    सुरक्षित भी !
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  • सस्ता भी! सुरक्षित भी!
  • सस्ता भी! सुरक्षित भी!
  • सस्ता भी! सुरक्षित भी!
  • सस्ता भी! सुरक्षित भी!
  • सस्ता भी! सुरक्षित भी!

Any Time Rickshaw (ATR)

Any Time Rickshaw (ATR) service provides auto rickshaw at your door step round the clock. To get the service in Delhi, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Surat and Rajkot please dial 927 444 4444 or download 'G-Auto' mobile application or fill in request form on the same website. G-Auto charges Govt. approved regular meter fare. The meter starts from the pickup point. There is an additional facility charge Rs 15 per booking.

Why ATR?

  1. Is your residence located in the interior of the city and you have to walk a distance to catch a rickshaw ?
  2. Are you looking for a reliable and safe auto driver?
  3. Are you busy somewhere and not been able to go to airport or railway station to receive your guest?
  4. Your driver has not come today and you want someone reliable to drop your children to school?
  5. Are you a senior citizen or differently able person and want to go to hospital, bank, etc but your are not able to move out to catch an auto?
  6. Do you have to catch a flight, train or bus in odd hour and do not have cheaper and trustworthy option?
  7. Are you new to the city and want to reach to your destination without any hassles?

Any Time Rickshaw (ATR) of G-Auto is the only solution of your above problems.

State Min Fare Fare Night Fare Luggage Charges
  Rs Rs /Km Time (EXTRA) Free Charges / Baggage
Delhi/Gurgaon 25 (2km) 8 10.0 pm to 6.0 am 25% Handbags Rs 7
Gujarat 13.50 (1.2km) 9 11.0 pm to 5.0 am 50% Handbags Rs 5


If you are a tourist, we have special Heritage G-Auto with special packages for 6 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours, etc to take you through tourist places in and around the city. The G-Pilots have been given training on tourist places and hence they act like city guide too.

We offer customized site seeing package for the respective cities. G-Auto is the most economical and reliable tourist vehicle in the city. Due to tiny size of the vehicle, we can take you to the narrowest location of the city like old heritage place, Poles, Chalies, etc.

Hours Km Rs
8 80 800
10 100 1000
12 120 1200


We link in the people traveling the same route. It is a ride sharing service used by daily commuters such as working executive, school children, etc. We allow three people to share the same auto within the radius of 1 km. Each of three commuters pay 45 % of actual meter fare to driver besides a fixed monthly facility fee to G-Auto. There is a monthly billing facility available for such clients.Commuters get to pay 55 % lesser and driver earns 35% more. Hence, we encourage people to use one single auto instead of three autos by three people separately. G-link service of G-Auto reduces the use of autos, fuel consumption, road congestion, noise pollution by 66 %.

Note: G-Link service is subject to condition of availability of commuters who are willing to share the ride. Single commuter shall pay the regular meter fare plus facility fee.


If you are planning to go to places (out of city) such as Gandhinagar, Sanand, Kalol, etc from Ahmedabad that are out of municipal corporation area ; the G-O-City is the cheapest option available in Gujarat. G-Auto charges GoG notified fare of Rs 10.50 /km (Day), Rs 13.50 /km(Night). G-O-City service does not charge additional return fare. Should there any toll tax or other additional charges, Customer has to pay on actual.

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Welcome to G - Auto

G-Auto project idea has been conceived and mentored by Mr Nirmal Kumar, a management graduate from IIM-A and social entrepreneur by profession. It is a concept where in auto rickshaw drivers (Only driver-cum-owner) are organised under social umbrella brand 'G-Auto' to offer safe and reliable metered auto rickshaw service to commuters. Indeed G-Auto is endeavoring to solve the problems of RATS (Refusal, Accessibility, Transparency and Safety) for auto rickshaw users. On the other hand, its focus is also to provide security, prosperity and dignity (Suraksha, Samridhhi and Samman called 3S of G-Auto) to auto rickshaw drivers and their family. G-Auto has network of 15000 auto rickshaw drivers across Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Rajkot, Surat and Delhi.

How was the idea of G-Auto conceived?

The trigger behind G-Auto initiative was a bitter personal experience of Mr Nirmal Kumar with an auto rickshaw driver's overcharging and rudeness at the gate of IIM-A during his second year of MBA. He started this initiative by organizing 15 auto rickshaw drivers from the gate of IIM-A in 2008 that grew to 1000 within few months. It got formally inaugurated by the then chief minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi in 2009 in Ahmadabad. As of today the project is operational in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Rajkot and Surat with strength of more than 15000 auto rickshaw drivers. The project has been recommended by Government of India to all the states of India to replicate it in their cities.

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